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Trollface Quest 4

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After playing Trollface Quest 4, all I have to say is "WTF IS THIS!". This is clearly not appropriate for normal individual like me. It is much like an idiot test, making people think right out of the box and fooling us. I got trolled so many times; Here's one example, I really don't know if the game is taking a long time to load, or I'm just being trolled. I am so embarrassed to admit it but this is definitely quite refreshingly stupid. It is going to be something out of my school years. It had me laughing hard every time I solved a puzzle. It is just too random for me. Alright, talking about Trollface Quest is the latest game based on the beloved Internet meme.

Controls of the Game

Only your [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

If you get stuck click HINT or WALKTROUGH

game review

Trollface Quest 4 is a ridiculous puzzle solving game where, you are going to solve 20 seemingly simple puzzles. The whole idea is to do it correctly and don’t get caught by Trolls. To be honest, none of the puzzle is obvious except first level but still made it to the end. I love how my option post-last level was "Restart" and "Play Again" towards the end. I mean what if I don't want to play this game again? Mustn't... Feed... The... TROLLS! *ASCII comics style* They are dangerous and has a skinny dick. Be careful.